Kiwi Design is a small and special boutique located in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. To understand Kiwi, you have to first know Park Slope. It is an oasis, a very beautiful place with brownstones and lots of trees and historic landmarks. Kiwi is, first and foremost, about the idea of “neighborhood.” It is a place with a small town feel where people tend to just drop in to say hi, or shop, or do both.

Kiwi is owned and operated by Christine Alcalay and Marlene Siegel. Marlene is an experienced retailer who has owned several very successful stores and Christine is a young designer who attended Parsons in New York City and trained under Christian LaCroix in Paris.

What sets Kiwi apart is the collection designed by Christine. It harks back to the days when clothes were timeless and made beautifully—think Balenciaga, Norman Norell, Dior, or Schiaparelli. The clothes are meticulously crafted and yet look effortless. The collection has been called “new vintage” but Christine and Marlene just think of the style as simple, classic beauty.

p.s. Neither of them are from New Zealand—Kiwi is Christine’s nickname.