iPhone 11 Pro Camera Scares Trypophobia?

On September 10, Steve jobs company finally launched their latest iPhone products, namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, and iPhone 11 pro max. This is good news for iPhone fans who are already waiting for the release of the latest iPhone. Features and designs that are now tempting many people to have it even though this phone is priced at a price that is not cheap.

However, behind the fame of this phone, many comments have emerged about the shape of the iPhone 11 pro camera. Because, iPhone 11 pro comes with three rear cameras arranged zig-zag. These three rear cameras are considered to trigger trypophobia, which is fear of holes that are close to each other. Even the camera form of the iPhone 11 pro can make someone who has had trypophobia scared to death.

Know the Condition of Trypophobia

You may be familiar with this type of phobia. Trypophobia is a condition characterized by fear and disgust at dense, adjacent holes. A person with trypophobia can feel nauseous when looking at a surface that has a collection of adjacent holes. Some examples that can trigger the symptoms of trypophobia, namely:

  • Beehives;
  • Strawberry peel;
  • Lotus seeds;
  • Coral reefs;
  • A collection of bubbles;
  • Peeled pomegranates;
  • Aluminum metal foam.

There are many other objects that are round or hollow that are feared by trypophobia sufferers. Animals, such as insects, amphibians, mammals, and other creatures that have fur or round patterns can also trigger symptoms of trypophobia. When there is an object that is hole-shaped or resembles a hole, trypophobia sufferers will experience symptoms, including:

  • Fear;
  • Disgusted;
  • Skin goosebumps;
  • Feeling uncomfortable;
  • Visual discomfort such as eye fatigue, distortion, or illusion;
  • Having panic attacks;
  • Sweating;
  • Nausea
  • Tremor.

If you have any other questions related to the above conditions just discuss with doctor. Through the app, you can contact your doctor anytime and anywhere via Chat, and Voice/Video Call.

Can Phobias Be Treated?

There are several treatments available for phobia sufferers with varying success rates. Treatment can consist of self-care, therapy, and medications. Some treatments that can be tried, namely:

  • Lifestyle modifications, such as exercising, consumption of healthy foods, maintaining cleanliness, getting enough sleep and avoiding caffeine and other stimulants.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a speech therapy done with a therapist or counsellor to explore how our thoughts can cause feelings and behaviors. Therapists will encourage phobias to plan and achieve goals.
  • Group therapy. Many people consider group therapy very helpful to exchange ideas and support each other.
  • Exposure therapy (desensitization). This is a method of treatment in which a therapist exposes a person to their phobia little by little.
  • Relaxation techniques are exercise-based techniques and visualization methods.

Sometimes, the doctor will prescribe certain medications to treat phobias or phobia side effects, such as anxiety. Examples of drugs that can be used are, antidepressant drugs, anti-anxietas drugs and beta-blockers.


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